Exitproject is:

  • Emi Jarvi – Vocals, Looping and songwriting
  • J Carmichael – Guitar and songwriting
  • Robin Gallagher – Cello
  • Patrick Rourke – Bass
  • Oliver Family – Drums

Exitproject is a trip-hop / folktronica band based in Bristol, England. Warm, soaring vocals, clean and dirty electric guitar, cello, glitches… you get the idea.

Exitproject have had some musical luck now and then. They were flown to Las Vegas to perform to a sold-out crowd in the legendary Ghost Bar on the top floor of the Palms Hotel. Shortly after their Vegas headline, Emi was asked to provide vocals for Grammy-nominated DJ, Paul Van Dyk’s label, Vandit. Among all the excitement and activity, Exitproject found time for a mini-tour of the northern-central USA. Venues included Uncommon Ground, where Jeff Buckley was famously discovered.