Buttons and Patrick

Post show wrap up – The Croft, 4th August 2011

Posted on August 5, 2011 by Emi

Meet Patrick and his new owl Buttons.  What a fine pair!  Patrick won Buttons last night when he came to our show and answered the following question:

Q: How many faults did Emi get when she passed her driving test today?
A: Zero!

Patrick is awesome for several reasons.  1 – He was really freakin’ excited about winning the owl and that’s outstanding.  2 – He and his friends had pub-quiz-esque facts about Chicago that Emi had never heard before.  Win!

Last night was an interesting gig where nothing quite went right, but a good time was still had by all. Four bands were due to play, but the third band disappeared half way through the night and turned up about 20 minutes before the whole gig was supposed to finish. Everyone thought the first band (coming from London) wasn’t going to make it because of traffic, but they rolled up 20 minutes before they were due on.

Crinkle Cuts and Loki’s Motif were thoroughly enjoyable – they both get extra bonus ftw-band-points for visibly having the time of their lives on stage.

Our next show is 31st August at The Louisiana, one of our favourite venues in Bristol.  See you lot there!  Visit our Facebook page and ‘Like’ us to keep up to date with upcoming shows…

ps – Owl fun fact.  The owl given away at last night’s show is the owl that (for a very short time) looked like Hitler.