Post gig wrap up – The Fleece 20th Jan

Posted on January 21, 2011 by Emi

A big congratu-freakin-lations to Daniel who won the owl at the our show on the 20th!  I had a nice chat with him and his mates after the show and he’s a lovely guy.  I know he’ll give his owl (named ‘Galafaar’ – woop!) a very good home.  It’s always good to see the little fuzzy crochet dudes go to a happy home : )

What a freakin’ amazing night!  The Fleece was packed out with people and everyone was ready to go.  The other bands were awesome.  The sound guy knew his stuff (I think he may store sound-super-powers in his dread locks).  And they had our favourite lager on tap.

A big juicy thanks to to the other bands, The New Root, Lights & Clockwork and Neo-Ritmo.  And thanks to Loki who organised the line-up – good show, chap!

Some video evidence is on the way on our YouTube channel…  See you at the next live show.