Exitproject - Mr. Wolfs, Bristol

Evidence of an Exitproject gig with the new line-up

Posted on August 17, 2010 by Emi

Well, what a freaking fantastic evening…  We played some tunes, had a sound guy that knew what was going on, the promoter was friendly and gave us free beer and noodles, and Robin-the-cellist’s awesome parents were there all the way from Canada to help celebrate.


Congrats to Quentin to won the owl by answering the owl-related trivia question!  He named his owl Wynn, which is also awesome.

Quentin won the owl - 16th August 2010 at Mr Wolfs in Bristol

Quentin and Wynn - 16th August 2010 at Mr Wolfs in Bristol

Here are some action shots of the actual show:

James Carmichael, Bristol UK

James Carmichael

Exitproject - Bristol UK

Exitproject - 16th August 2010, Mr Wolfs, Bristol UK

Robin Gallagher, cello

Robin Gallagher of Exitproject - 16th August, Mr Wolfs, Bristol UK

Thanks to everyone who came down to show their support!  You’re all devastatingly attractive :)

  • DJ

    So great!!!! I can’t wait to hear you all live!!!

  • http://www.platoonofpowersquadron.com Janks

    i want to go to there!

  • http://www.exitproject.co.uk Emi

    Book the ticket and come to Europe, for God’s sake!! I’ll make sure there’s a gig waiting for you including any cover tune of your choice :)

    Plus free room and board.

    Plus a cookie.