pat playing bass

We lost ‘groupie number 1′ and gained a bass player…

Posted on May 8, 2010 by Emi

Robin (the cellist in Exitproject) has an infectiously enthusiastic boyfriend – Patrick.  Patrick has the kind of enthusiasm that fills up a room and makes you wanna dance.  It’s very good…

Our nickname for Patrick is ‘groupie number 1′ because he’s always really supportive whenever he hears us play.

But last week we lost ‘groupie number 1′ – because he joined the band. :)

As it happens – Pat rips it up on the upright bass.  He even MADE an upright bass when he was in highschool – yes, he’s that hardcore.

Ever since J and I met Pat (which was the night we recorded the cello parts for ‘First Breath’) – we wanted him to join the band.  But he was in another band so we didn’t want to ask him to join up and be rejected.  Basically, we had a band-love-triangle going on.

But at the last rehearsal, Pat asked if we wanted a bass player for the night – HUZZAH!  So he stepped in and away we went.  It sounded awesome, there was much joy, gladness and fat grooves.

We’re psyched he asked – it’s kind of like being too scared to ask someone out, but then they ask YOU out – except with music.  Welcome to Exitproject, Pat, we hope you stick around!