Exitproject and the ash cloud: We almost moved to America

Posted on May 4, 2010 by Emi

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It may sound dramatic, but it kinda was, actually…

James and I took to the skies on 1st April to visit my outstanding family and play some shows in the States.  We made it safely there in two pieces.  We played shows and much fun was had!

Then a volcano erupted the night before we were supposed to come back to the UK…

Flight = cancelled

Days until next available flight = 6

Head space status = limbo

I won’t lie, I was freakin’ thrilled to get the extra time to stalk my family.  I was ready to be delayed indefinitely and just move there :D.  But we knew we had things to do, and we managed to get on the first flight out of Chicago when things were finally getting back to normal.

The reality of it is that we arrived back in the UK with one week left to do April’s song.  It wouldn’t have been impossible to release it in time, but it was impossible to make it any good.  So, we still have our head’s under the hood (bonnet) of the April song, but it’s tuning up nicely – so it shouldn’t be long now!