New track March 2010: First Breath

Posted on April 2, 2010 by Emi

March’s track is written and dedicated to Mike and Donna Jarvi – who have been married for 30 years this month (and made me about 28 years ago…)

First Breath (20909) (right-click and choose ’save as’ to download)

A big ‘thank you’ to Robin Gallagher who played the purty cello parts – and for bringing the chocolate raspberry pavlova to the recording session. :)

We’ve been liking your comments on the last two tracks – keep ‘em coming!

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  • Jenessa

    What a beautiful dedication to your parents, Emi.

    Everyone has this feeling of gratitude toward either a person who has always been there to help them become their true selves, or a deity that has fed their moral strength and guided them through tough times. The appreciation for this sort of support couldn’t be set in a more perfect musical setting. The gentle, bounding gait and sweet tone of voice and instruments inspires images of slow-motion moments in the listener’s life when the love of a supportive person or entity has coaxed them on and let them grow into themselves freely.

    Very smooth memory-inducing music. I think I’ll go call my Mom now.

  • Tim

    Beautiful track. And congratulations to your Mom and your Pop, not only for 30 years together but for being (and raising) such wonderful people.

  • Donna

    So beautiful!!!!!!!! Love it and you!

  • Jane and Bob

    An awesome song for an awesome couple! Happy 30th, Donna and Mike.

  • Joan Webster

    Well you two, you’ve done it again big time. And what a wonderful tribute to your Mom and Dad – and they deserve it. The cello is soooo mello! This track is the BEST YET! Can’t wait for the next one – but, moreso, to see you both. Lots of love, Jo & John

  • Gary and Trudy

    Another good one!! Keep em coming…

  • Tom Meyer

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A real honor for Mike & Donna.

  • KP

    I think it’s a “grower” personally , meaning I really liked it on first listen but later on subsequent listens I know I’m going to like it even more.

  • Andrew

    Love the “ah-ah-ah”s at the end :)

  • Al Oomens

    Wow! That is cool! Not only the track but especially what it says. I definitely agree with a previous post, it sounds great on first listen, but I like it more each time I listen! Nice!

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  • Graham B

    What a beautiful hymn to parental love! The words moved me, so I can imagine how your folks must have felt… they must be very proud of you. The cello works really well, nice guitar and I love the outro…