Beware the ides of March… song…

Posted on March 25, 2010 by Emi

We’ve just had an outcry for information about the March song.  These videos pretty much say it all…

First we wrote the video up there ^

Then this happened:

Then we scrapped the whole thing and started from scratch…

Basically, it’s been a tricky month in exitproject-song-writing-land.  We’re tackling a major subject and it’s causing mini rifts in where each of us wants the song to go…  We both care a LOT about how this one turns out, it’s important, so we’re both sensitive about every little decision that’s being made.

One of the issues was that the NB thought the chorus was too repetitive – but I wanted the melody and lyrics in the chorus to stay ubersimple.  I’ve been daunted by this unwritten chorus for weeks.  I decided the only way to write about something so important was to keep it really simple – anything else would sound cheesy or trite.  So we were at an impasse.  The NB wanted a new chorus and I wouldn’t give up the existing one.


Tonight MAJOR progress was made!  I went out to rehearsal and returned to a chorus engineered so triumphantly perfectly gorgeously by the Ninja Butler that I was laughing out loud.

The March song is right on track now and we’re both relieved and glow-y… woop!

  • Joey Mattson

    …and it’s so much fun to hear all that goes on behind the creation! thanks for sharing!

  • Hezza

    keep on keeping on…looking forward to the resulting result :-)

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  • DJ

    Thank you! Ah the honesty, cruelty, frustration, divine inspiration of writing! Can’t wait to see you…soon!!!!!