New track February 2010: Daylight

Posted on March 7, 2010 by James

It’s March now and February may now seem like a long distant memory, but I’ve only just had the chance to do a final mix and master of track 2 of our song-a-month challenge – so here it is.

The track is called “Daylight”, and is about taking action and not being wasteful.

Anyway we hope you enjoy it, and we enjoyed hearing your comments last time so please do keep them coming.

Daylight - Exitproject (44969) (right-click and choose ’save as’ to download)

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  • Jake Birkett

    Congrats on track no.2!

  • Helen

    VERY cool ;-) keep them coming!!

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  • Donna

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!! We love it here in Lake Bluff!!!

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  • Jenessa

    Daylight is a haunting and spiritual knowledge for me. The word “Daylight” is sung about in a way that makes me think of my faith. My faith knows me, I live by it, and it knows when I’m running or lying or wasting life in any other way. This song also brings out the truth that without my faith, the Daylight that makes my life purposeful and clear, I am not myself. Not living in the Daylight is a waste. I don’t know what others who listen to this song hear it saying to them, but I like the message I’m getting from it.

    The tune is smooth, the same feel that I got with “Easy,” and has a crystal tone that is easy to listen to and escape with. Great job, Emi and James! Another inspiring work of art accomplished.

  • Jess

    I’ve started off my Monday morning by listening– what a great way to kick off the week. Beautiful vocals, Emi, your voice is so smooth!

    I love that I get to anxiously wait every month for a new track ;)

  • Oli

    Sounds great, I’ve got the sun streaming through the window and its just perfect…

  • Sheryl

    Emi – your voice is beautiful – crisp and so lovely, as is the song!

    Keep up the impressive song a month!!! you’re terrific! :}


  • Graham

    It’s a definite spine-tingler!

  • Mike Worley

    Just had a listen, sounds really good.

  • Jane and Bob

    Great sound! We really enjoyed it. Love the tone quality of your voice, Emi!

  • Ana

    Me likeyy!

  • Joan Webster

    Love it, love it, love it.

    Keep them coming guys.

  • Ray

    Another brilliant track

  • Andrew

    Great work! I can hear the influence of the bristol sound… It feels to me like the chorus needs just a little something to tie it more in rhythmically and perhaps make it a little bigger. Or maybe it’s just evoking memories of Mezzanine in a dark room and those awesome electric guitar and big-beatz moments :o)
    Looking forward to number three!!

  • Dan C

    Lovely track you two! Even better than the last….

    Production and arrangement is really good and Emi you sound great as always. Reminds of the better Air tracks, which is good enough for me :-)

    Well done!

  • Jake

    I think this is my favorite song that I’ve heard from Exitproject so far. Let’s hear some more harmony, it sounds great when you layer those vocal tracks. Keep it up!

  • Dave Helwig

    It was great for those of us who know “The Daylight” and for those who this song will point in His direction.

  • Sara

    Every song gets better, and melds the acoustic-electric effect better, and sounds perfectly constructed even more so…

  • Mikk

    Sounds good! You guys have alot of talent. Keep it coming.

  • Trudy

    Fantastic, both songs have been great.

  • Kicker

    Todo dinamica y muy positiva! :)

  • Robin

    I have been listening to it non-stop!

  • Janks

    this chorus is so badass and hook-y that i can’t believe it’s not working the streets. yup, i just called your chorus a hooker. deal w/it. hooker with a heart o’ gold. i’m telling you this is the kind of chorus that’s going to make you guys some money. chorus pimps. that’s you. love the song. the beats in this are SICK! sooooo good. the vocals hit me in the mid-back of my brain, inside my skull, in front of the vision center, nestled within the temporal bone, neighbors to the imagination center. that’s some pure tone. it’s the delicate tonal annunciation that i imagine my conscience would sing with.

    i also hope that just one of these 12 tracks would be a one off. james on guitar, you on mandola and singing. one take, no layers. just one. something fast paced. see ya, daylight.

  • Emma N.

    It’s beautiful – There’s something about the lyrics that’s almost folklore, maybe it’s the fact that you sound quite resolute in the way you’re singing it too, like it’s some kind of idea that’s been with you, and possibly others, for a long time?

    Always good to hear a bit of piano – it’s interesting that you use subtly to lead into and out of the chorus. Lovely! Roll on the next one :)

  • Sarah Booth

    Love it!
    Love your voice Emi, it is so beautiful.
    Waiting for the next one!

  • Al Oomens

    Wow! There are elements that are very familiar yet completely new at the same time. Very nice! Lots of things I really like on this one, the guitars, vocals sound great (as usual) and the vocal harmonies are just perfect, composition and arrangement… super mix. I could go on, but suffice it to say I really like this one!

  • DJ

    OK. It’s time! You’ve either got to blog or tell us where you are with March’s song!!! Those who check back here regularly have waited long enough!!!

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