February’s track features birds tweeting *happiness*

Posted on February 25, 2010 by Emi

We spent tonight in the studio – first I pushed the buttons and J played the notes, then J pushed the buttons and I sang the notes.  Then J started arranging the notes.  Kinda like baking a cake… a cake you can hear.

And Exitproject said, ‘Let them hear cake.’

Or something.

But the high point of the evening actually came when we were arguing about the chorus.  We were passive aggressively discussing if the piano should be syncopated or straight.  But our heated debate evaporated when we heard some birds tweeting in the background of the vocal track.

GENIUS!  You can just about hear the birds tweeting here:

Birds tweeting in the background 'Daylight' (4759)

(it’s right at the end of the clip – you’ll have to crank the volume to hear it.)  It makes me EXTREMELY happy…

The February track is coming along, people!  Feeling the burn a little, but I think that’s part of the reason we’re doing the one song per month thing.  Come rain or come shine, February’s track is just around the corner.