February song is 66% written

Posted on February 7, 2010 by Emi

Tonight J and I sat down and decided to write the February tune – WOOP!  Only 7 days behind schedule – not toooooo bad, right?  *shuffleshuffle*

I think saying ‘the heat is on’ is an understatement here, but we like heat.  And all heat aside, we bashed out two verses and a chorus in about an hour so here’s hoping this pace will stick, eh?

Then we *shuffled* right into the studio and recorded scratch guitar and vocal tracks.

And then the Ninja Butler went into producer-mode!  Fast-forward another couple of hours and I just listened to the result so far.  Sha-WING! Another song-crush is born!  But is it just a late-night fling?  Will I have second thoughts in the morning?  Only time will tell, but you bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to stumble back into the studio first thing tomorrow, don some headphones and have another listen :)

I think the tune is going to be called ‘Daylight’ and so far we think it’s sounding a little influenced by Fink and Beth Orton.  Along, of course, with all the regulars – I’ve been listening to a LOT of Laura Veirs lately, her new album is aaaaaamaaaazing.

  • Dan

    Looking forward to hearing the result guys! Your song-a-month idea is truly splendid.

  • http://www.exitproject.co.uk Emi

    Thanks, man!! We’re going to rope you in in the future to rip a crazy rhodes solo. Be afraid…

  • DJ

    I am waiting in anxious anticipation! Lurv Easy, the January installment!