New Track January 2010: Easy

Posted on January 29, 2010 by James

Fasten your seatbelts and hold on to your hats – our January installment is here for you to listen to and hopefully enjoy!  Just right-click the link below and do ‘save as’ to download.

Easy - Exitproject (1669) (right-click and choose ‘save as’ to download)

We dedicate this track to Jake and Eliza and wish them every happiness together :-)

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  • Jenessa

    Emi and James, “Easy” has made an impression on me. It has a catchy, dreamy, loping gait. When I had my eyes closed (and wasn’t looking at the cluttered table in front of me) I could easily imagine that I was walking on clouds and witnessing comets and meteors while having this conversation with my husband. Cumulus trees and cloudburst fireworks, but all ignored by us as we walked a stratus path and told each other how easy it was to love one another. I got that clever little chill when the refrain “you make it seem easy” started each time. This is truly ear candy. Thank you for this experience.

  • DJ

    5/4…are you insane! And yet it completely works! Another warm/fuzzy wrap! Like a cup of steaming hot tea (insert comfort beverage of choice) on a frozen Chicago morning. Like gazing at the sun rising over Lake Michigan on a brisk fall dawn. Like hugging my best man, looking into his eyes and just knowing…

  • Janks

    LOVE…IT. I. Love it. You guys and your breakdowns! DAG!

  • Aviva Jaye

    LOVE IT! Since you first let us know about this project, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Tune #1, and it DELIVERED! I’m astounded by your ability to produce complete, conducive musical thoughts, 100% staying true to yourselves as Exitproject. Yes!

  • Veronica Taskila Miskovich

    I can never open anything I swear will try from my computer at home, its newer.

  • Sheena Medina

    This is now in rotation. LOVE it! You just make it seem so darn easy!! ;)

  • Sheena Medina

    PS. When I type “Exit Easy” into my iTunes, only one thing comes up. Nice work!

  • Gary S Foster

    I had that problem – it works if you left click on it, let it open in a new page, and then download it from the file menu there (In Firefox you select “save page as”)

  • Chris Bryan

    Awesome :) “You make [5/4] seem [damn] easy” too!


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  • Hezza

    Awesome awesomeness!
    I am so impressed, Exit Project just gets better and better. It is sounding more and more effortless and floaty and like you just threw it together. That is a compliment! I know it took lots of work in reality. It just flows and is a pleasure to listen to. Looking forward to end of Feb ;-)

  • Ken Hall

    I loved it! The way in the back background vocals make it feel dreamy. I do hear a scat solo when the meter switches to five. Perhaps the alternate Jazz version :)

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  • James

    Thank you for all the kind words – it will spur us on to do the next track! 27 days to go…

  • Emi

    27 days??? We’d better get writing…

  • Al Oomens

    Been listening to ‘Easy’ quit a bit and just realized I hadn’t posted a comment yet. Wonderful arrangement! Unexpected combination of sounds and instruments that sound great. And always, great vocals and harmonies. Nice! Can’t wait for February’s song!

  • Emi

    Thanks, Al! I’m grinning…

    :D <- (my grin)

  • Jo

    Loved it! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next release.

  • Jess

    Hi you two,
    I am really excited to hear the musical output of your upcoming 11 months! As mentioned before, I love the 5/4 section and James’ little piano moments…

  • Sarah booth

    Love it! You guys are so talented! I wish you all the best. X

  • Joeylynn

    LOVED IT as always! dreamy, yes… and what a privilege; can’t wait for the end of EVERY month; and then, the CD?! love you guys and thank you for doing this and sharing it with us so we can enjoy! looking forward!