If You’ve Got It, Tweak It

Posted on January 17, 2010 by Emi

I’m SO rock n’ roll that I’ve spent Sunday evening watching Cold Case and playing Solitaire – that’s right, hard core.  The rest of the day was spent being music-ish, I swear.  Practising and performing and more practising and a nap somewhere in there.

But J (never the type of Ninja Butler to sit around) just wandered in and confessed to a little late night tweaking…

of the SONG

Lordy!  You have a filthy mind…

Anyway, J went into the studio with his game face on.  He listened to it a couple of times, made some quick decisions, took out a couple of tracks that were causing a ruckus, and emerged triumphant and grinning.

WOOHOO!!  Mixing awaits!

  • DJ

    OK. First of all the new website rocks!!! Second of all, are people finding it? Thid of all, one song per month? You are my hero! Fourth of all, I still want the chords for “Believe.” I want to do it for Damascus Road and it would be great to offer it up for the next Ken project…proceeds going to COOL Food Pantry. What say ye?