Final bits and pieces

Posted on January 10, 2010 by James

Emi’s in the studio finishing what should be the last of the recording for January’s installment of our 2010 song-a-month challenge.  We cheated a little as we had started recording ‘Easy’ before the New Year – February will be where we’ll start really feeling the heat!

We just did a little tweakage to some of the drums too.  Drums drums drums.  Drum programming is probably the part of the recording process I struggle with the most – too busy and they’re overwhelming, too sparse and they’re dull, too loud and they’re overpowering, too quiet and they’re lacklustre.  It can be tricky to get electronic drums to sit well with the acoustic instruments.

I’ve been listening to Fink alot recently – and the drums are really cut back but fit the music so well.  The guitar is very rhythmic so that keeps driving the songs forward.  Do give him a listen.

  • Kymberley Kennedy

    Yes, but when can I hear it! Now! I demand it!
    I’ll get an angry mob to chant with me! I mean it! I’ll do it!!!

  • Daryl L Beese

    Can’t wait to hear the new stuff. Thanks for suggesting Fink. Just wish I could buy the stuff on iTunes in the US.

  • Emi Jarvi

    You guys are freakin’ awesome… I mean it…

    Daryl, can’t you buy Fink in the US?? Travesty!! Or did you mean our stuff?

    Kym, hold off on the angry mob for about a week. But keep the flaming torches handy, just in case. But BE WARNED! The Ninja Butler will lure into submission with fresh bread, cupes of tea and cookies…

  • Kymberley Kennedy

    Aw, but I bought a pitchfork especially!

  • Daryl L Beese

    The link from Fink’s website tries to go to the UK store. Just found it in America. I have your album. :-) (And the Jon O’bir album) I like..I like.

  • Emi Jarvi

    Pitchfork?? LMAO!! I think you should bring it to our next show and dance around on stage…

    Glad you found Fink, Daryl! He’s a beast (in a veryveryvery good way).