Let it rest a coupla days – then listen to it again

Posted on January 6, 2010 by Emi

After a solid Saturday of writing and recording, our brains were dribbling out of our ears… in a good way… if that’s possible.

Fellow musos will know what I mean when I say that you always reach a point in a day where you’re not really ‘hearing’ any more.  There’s been so many ‘try adding this’s and ‘try muting that’s that all you can hear is a kind of muted-through-the-walls-cranium-party of cymbals, strings and vocals.

THIS, my fellow peeps, is when it’s time to leave the studio.  So on Saturday, leave we did.

Tonight we went back in and listened to the track twice in a row – it’s amazing how obvious things can become after a couple days of rest.  The changes we needed to make were staring us in the face like a lairy punter  - woop!

Here’s the list (caution: non-musos might not give a crap about this list)

  • Mmmm’s in the verses
  • Hand percussion in the verses
  • Harmonies above the second verse
  • Some kind of metallic sound (or maybe just a pause) to mark the transition between the 4/4 and 5/4 section
  • Ridiculously high harmonies towards the end of the outro
  • Some kind of other fat-but-floaty vocal sounds in the outro

Then I guess it’ll be on to mixing for the Ninja Butler – BRING IT!!!

  • http://www.aloomems.com Al Oomens

    I hear ya! It’s amazing how a short rest can make everything clearer. One thing’s not clear though… What exactly is a “lairy punter”?

  • http://www.exitproject.co.uk Emi

    Ha! I’ve been in the UK too long, I don’t automatically remember to translate any more :)

    Lairy – angry, confrontational and potentially violent. “The barman had to throw out a couple of drunken lairy people”

    Punter – a negative term for customer “The barman had to throw out a couple of drunken lairy punters”

    I dub thee, an hono(u)rary Brit! (Although I’m not sure I’m technically allowed to…) :)