Found us because of PoPS? Here’s a free download, you beauty…

Hello peeps, Emi here! My mutant-ly talented brother kindly included the ExitProject song, ‘Winter’ in his latest vlog / update. If you’d like a copy, first of all that’s awesome, and second of all, here you go!

Download ‘Winter’ by ExitProject

(You can get more free music here, too.)


New demo available for limited download – Orbiting

Hey guys!  We had a new track called ‘Orbiting’ included in a Platoon of Power Squadron update (link to update on YouTube –

There have been some requests from people who want to download the track and we think that’s awesome!  So here’s a limited listen / download link.  100 downloads are allowed and then it will cut us off, so get in quick if you’d like a copy:

(lovely picture by joo0ey -

Bass player wanted Bristol

Hunting for a Bristol-based bass player

Exitproject is looking for a bass player!  Our current influences are bands like Bonobo, Massive Attack, and The XX.  We’re looking for a friendly and bass-y person who loves making music.  You can hear some past work over on the Music page.

We practice about once a week at Room 4 Studios in Bristol and gig around once a month (with the most recent gig-gap due to lacking an all-important-fat-groove-serving-bass-player).

Are you that fat-groove-server?  Get in touch –

11-08-31 emma and howl

Post show wrap up – The Louisiana, 31st August 2011

Another day, another gig, another owl give-away. A big WOOHOO for Emma who won the owl by answering the question ‘What famous and techie CEO retired this week?’ (Answer: Steve Jobs).  Emma named her owl, Howl.  Let’s face it – it’s an awesome name…

The Loui remains one of our favourite Bristol venues – every time we play there the sound guy is learn-ed and friendly, the other bands are cool and a good-musical-fit, and there’s someone on hand that’s organising everything and making sure it runs smoothly.

Thanks to Heroine/Hero and Goldtripp for putting on a good show!  Much bopping was achieved.

The new songs went super well and we’ll get some video up soon!